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PageBacon is a small group committed to helping writers publish their work as a market-quality product. Even with the availability of self-publishing services, many potential authors need assistance with development aspects outside of their skill set, or that simply take too much time away from the all-important task of actually writing.


PageBacon Podcast

Episode #010

PageBacon Storytime Presents

Panteria Chronicles: Fallen
by L.B. Sisk

After being ravaged by famine, genocide and 400 years of war, an ancient city-state known as Panteria has united the planet bringing peace for most, and unrest for others. Steel yourself for the initial pages of Panteria Chronicles ... Fallen.

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Featured Short Story - August 2017...



By Will Schmitz

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Panteria Chronicles: Damned
by L.B. Sisk

“Protect the Innocent and be the Blade of Justice.” - the Executioners’ motto Jim St. John is concerned with becoming too visible, too soon. His Executioners have shed blood to become an ever-increasing force against “scum and villainy”— their name, a terrifying whisper for those who think themselves above the law, a force of light for those crushed by such ne’er-do-wells ... and the law itself. In light of this, the Executioners are quickly pulled into a malicious war with the manufacturer of a new and powerful “recreational” drug. But has this unseasoned group of vigilantes bitten off too much, too soon? After all, this new drug czar reigns with unlimited funds, an army of mercenaries, and an arsenal of illegal weaponry ... and, apparently, isn’t afraid to use them.

, the second volume in the Panteria Chronicles. Join the ride. Heads are about to roll...

ISBN 13:

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You, in Calamity's Kingdom
Coloring Storybook

Drawings by Will Schmitz

Step into the strange world of Calamity's Kingdom where your adventures are guided by your pencil, crayons, brushes, pens ... and your imagination.

Write your own wondrous story and make the imagery come alive with the colors of your choosing and the words that give them life.

A great way for adults to relax and relieve the stress of a busy day or for kids to set free their creativity!

ISBN 13:

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Drawn to the '80s
The ABCs of the Decade's Hits Drawn by My Kid
by Lori Ferraro

Sam loves to draw. His mom, Lori, is obsessed with '80s culture. Combine the two and you get Drawn to the '80s, featuring several years of Sam's creative renditions of '80s pop music.

Arranged in colorful A-B-C order, kids can get familiar with the most awesome music generation of all time!

Featuring Sam's visual renditions of '80s hits by Quiet Riot, Thompson Twins, Cyndi Lauper, Madonna, Van Halen, Run DMC, The Go-Go's, Def Leppard, The B-52's, Kenny Loggins, Prince, Billy Idol, David Bowie & Queen, Duran Duran, Thomas Dolby, Katrina and the Waves, The Buggles, Michael Jackson, Bauhaus, Olivia Newton-John, Human League, The Police, Ray Parker Jr., Peter Gabriel, Beastie Boys, and The Human League.

ISBN 13:

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The Violet Catastrophe
by Will Schmitz

Luke Wentworth is a private dick with enough bad habits to keep him stuck to the underbelly of Los Angeles till the trumpets call him home. Maybe sleuthing is a way to serve the greater good, but probably it’s just another way to pay off debts and get a little action to boot.

Tracking the missing daughter of a local big-shot requires a certain amount of tact that our Wentworth just doesn’t have time for. Things will go wrong. People will get hurt. Cats better scat or they’ll wind up going splat.

Luke is on the job, but the job keeps getting bigger and badder.

ISBN 13:

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    Panteria Chronicles: Fallen
by L.B. Sisk

After being ravaged by famine, genocide and 400 years of war, an ancient city-state known as Panteria has united the planet bringing peace for most, and unrest for others.

Nearing the end of thirtieth century, an unparalleled killer in the Army of Mutants escapes the brutality and seeks a life of peace. Jim St. John--recruited, trained and enhanced by the government as a boy to be the ultimate soldier--vows to stop the bloodshed, unearthing a civilization buried by catastrophe for over 800 years. Under St. John’s command, the ultra-soldiers of Crystal Mountain must rise above the surface to exact violent justice on those who threaten the nascent liberty. But nothing worth dying for comes easy.

Steel yourself for the first volume of the Panteria Chronicles ... Fallen.

ISBN 13:

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    Planets Above & Below: Grues & Kirns
by Will Schmitz

Bomby would rather spend the day lounging amongst the branches of his favorite lant tree, but being a servant of the Grues has its responsibilities, and all of them are boring. Too bad he didn’t see the great fireball falling from the heavens. He would have had a great story to tell, but it probably wouldn’t have made much difference since the Grues never listen to him anyways.

Generations of venerated leaders have led the planet’s inhabitants though interminable war guided by a philosophy of blood and stone, but in a society where the wheel is little more than a curiosity, weapons forged of metals emerge as the heart of a nascent technology. When a pirated starship of immense capability is haplessly marooned amongst the population of fierce idol-worshippers, the malevolent tide of evolution threatens to wash clean the slate of planetary sovereignty.

If Bomby could have just stayed up in his favorite tree ...

ISBN 13:

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  Bots, Come!
by Will Schmitz

Bots are everywhere, so you’d best get used to them.

They have permeated the farthest extents, constructing your future and recreating the past, performing tasks of complexity with a precision and elegance that no “bio” can hope to match. Special talents? Not like them. High IQ? That’s what you think. Sex machine? Ha! They croon like nobody’s business and get your dishes sparkling clean. Inexhaustible, indestructible, biocompatible—and the latest models are 100% submersible. Affordable? You bet. It’ll practically pay for itself in less than three cycles.

Get yours today! (And pray it isn’t defective.)

A frenetic romp through the lives of future “bots” and the "bios" lucky enough to find their place in a universe where the artificially inclined are the masters of acting natural. Will Schmitz has fused together a collection of smart, funny and utterly disturbing vignettes of future "life" written in a fast-paced, abbreviated style that will keep the pages turning until it's far too late to pull the plug.

ISBN 13:
Take a peek inside Bots, Come!

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  The Infinite Spectacle
Volume One

A mind-bending, time-traveling, gut-busting collection of short stories that takes you to the edge of space and deposits you just below the skin. 12 writers of Sci-Fi, Speculative and Unusual tales, brought together to twist your thoughts and displace your known reality.

We've spent several months collecting and compiling submissions from all over the United States to present a 200+ page volume of varied intensity, emotion, and style that we hope that you'll enjoy as much as we do.

ISBN 13:  978-0-9964147-0-8
Take a peek inside The Infinite Spectacle - Volume One

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