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from inside
The Infinite Spectacle
- Volume One

Makin' Love to That Electric Eel
Cruelty! Yes. I have increased its charge in increments.  After a while, I need to increase it more. Then more. Now, I am frightened. If I approach, a blue electric flame encloses the bot’s alluring ever young body. I have aged quickly. Balding.  Always working to refine or waiting to be excited, I have grown fat.
- Will Schmitz
Sandspin Island
A cold sweat broke out on her scalp and heat blossomed on the back of her head. This was fear and it was unlike anything she'd felt since she was five years old and her mother accidentally left the closet door open half an inch, or that time when she was eight and she swore she saw purple tentacles thrashing around under her bed.
- Lori Bowen
The Bottom of the Bucket
They warned us that the thing could fuck with our heads could fuck with our heads, but no one really took it seriously. ‘Temporal breakdown,’ they said. ‘Tricks with space and time,’ they said. The Bucket appeared suddenly eight months ago, on the far side of Mars, and no one on Earth had had an uninterrupted night of sleep since, their minds pulled in one direction then another, dream whiplash. Something had to be done had to be done.
- Eric Zipper
The First Monster
He came over for a closer look. It looked like there was some pattern formed in the mud next to the door. Around it he saw deep impressions, the same that he notices in the forest where the flower grew.  It almost looked like someone or something wrote letters in the ground.
- Gennady Favel
The wind blew heavily outside her bedroom window, and Katarina could hear the trees swaying back and forth, it was oddly comforting.  She could feel her hair blowing in the breeze, while the familiar scent of lavender lingered in her nostrils.
- Tracy Biggerstaff
Goodbye Forever
Diep sat on a stiff, plastic chair next to the bed in his and Charlene’s room, naked except for his wedding ring. Beside him stood the only other furniture in their cube, a mirrored dresser made of worthless ebony wood, an early symbol of the kind of waste that had brought Humanity to the abyss.
- Henry Dane
Shoot, I didn't even finalize my body-form until we were pretty close, to make sure it fit your psychology. Exotic, not close enough to look like an unsettling distortion of humanity, but not, y'know, too alien. General design came from a committee back home, but all the refinements, like displaying words and images on my big ol' glowing tummy—my idea.
- Manuel Royal
The Initiation
The visor de-shading program kicked in, and his helmet-shield began its gradual change from pitch black to gray. It would take a few moments more before it reached its final bluish tint. Through his helmet’s changing hue, Wren watched large swathes of reds and oranges slowly materialize as the sky; the patchwork of heat intermingled with the sheets of dark, basaltic plains in front of him.
- Brian Olszewski
Shotgun Summer
I’m not zapped and tagged by a security drone on the way out so I can only assume that the store’s auto-scan unit detected enough credits in my pathetic account to pay for the fresh pair of tube socks I’ve just made off with. I sit myself down on the warm concrete of the sidewalk and again reach for my boot buckles with that anxious longing that addicts must feel when they prep their needles with whatever it is they cherish most. But in my case it’s just socks.
- Ron Sacdalan
Live Ship
When she was done she climbed out of the shower and dried. Fred had told her not to take her ship suit off, and it seemed to be drying by itself. She shook her hair and started back towards the control room. She went in and sat on the grass, as she looked around she noticed the room was starting to bloom. There were flowers popping out of everything. Walls were covered with violets. The floor had daises and tulips. Fred had roses all around him.
- Rodney Loy
Department Store Run
The best suggestion seemed to be to take it off-planet to some colony that could use it to compete with The Department Store. How long to get to anywhere where the colonists could pay a fair price for the product? One, two, and three shook heads. Years to get there, years back.
- Will Schmitz
Bombastic Christ
Neither smelled of security and Angel reasoned that if they were competition then they would have sussed-him-out long ago and left, knowing he the better-equipped, more dangerous player. So, given this egotistical spasm of logic, just who the hell were these two he had seen constantly among the press these past two weeks? And what’s more, would they get in the way when Angel made his move today?
- Ralph Greco, Jr.
And now, while time doesn’t exactly stand still, it progresses very slowly, but only for me. How slowly?  At this point it seems to be stuck at one minute per hour. I know this because after what I can only imagine as two or maybe three years, I devised a way—a machine—that allows me to track the time passage in this prison of my parallel reality. As with every other object in my new world, in order for it to maintain normal speed and velocity, the time-keeping device must remain in contact with my physical body to keep its pace.
- Jeffrey Van Tuyl


  The Infinite Spectacle
Volume One

A mind-bending, time-traveling, gut-busting collection of short stories that takes you to the edge of space and deposits you just below the skin. 12 writers of Sci-Fi, Speculative and Unusual tales, brought together to twist your thoughts and displace your known reality.

We've spent several months collecting and compiling submissions from all over the United States to present a 200+ page volume of varied intensity, emotion, and style that we hope that you'll enjoy as much as we do.

ISBN 13:  978-0-9964147-0-8



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