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Author Info

Tracy Biggerstaff

Lives and breathes in Portland, Oregon.

Author of the short story,

Lori Bowen

A filmmaker and author with an eye toward horror and the fantastic. She’s in development on several feature-length films and is working on her first novel,
A Hammer Fell in Jerusalem. Her short story Warm Body in a Cold World was published in Morpheus Tales’ first issue and her short story The Donor will be published in the May 2015 issue of Bloodbond. You can find out more about Lori’s work at www.kimyoofilms.com.

Author of the short story,
Sandspin Island.

Henry Dane

Henry Dane's science fiction and fantasy has appeared in Lighthouse Digest, Route One Magazine, and Thread. Dane’s stories about "Weird Winthrop: Tales of a Haunted Hamlet” ran bimonthly for five years in a New England weekly. Dane also works as an independent writer, director, and editor for TV and film.

Author of the short story, Goodbye Forever

Gennady Favel

Gennady, is a writer, published author, and entrepreneur, currently residing in Brooklyn. His writing ranges from surreal short stories to silly humor pieces. 

Author of the short story, The First Monster.

Ralph Greco, Jr.

Author of the short story,
Bombastic Christ

Rodney Loy

Rodney has written many short stories of all kinds, but his passion is SI-FI. He has traveled to all fifty states and been a gold miner, truck driver and had many jobs, but his love of writing has always been a part of his life. The one constant in his life is reading and later writing.

Author of the short story, Live Ship

Brian Olszewski

Brian Olszewski has a number of English degrees and is the Creative Development lead for Starboard Games (website coming soon). “The Initiation” occurs in a gothic corner of INT’s universe, Starboard Games’ science-fiction RPG that is currently in development (
int-game.net and www.indiedb.com/games/int). In addition to creating content for INT, Brian is scripting and overseeing the production of Tens Day, a three-part graphic novel also set in INT’s universe, which will launch Starboard Games’ line of comics. He also is writing a sf novel and learning the ropes of fatherhood. He lives in Eugene, OR with Aryn, Ivy and a bunch of cats.
Author of the short story, The Initiation

Manuel Royal

Manuel Royal, like Tristram Shandy, was born with a broken nose.  He will die.  In between, he lives and writes in Atlanta, Georgia.

Author of the short story,

Ron Sacdalan

An editor at PageBacon and  technical writer for a national humanitarian organization.

Author of the short story, Shotgun Summer

Will Schmitz

Will Schmitz is the deviant spawn of Gustave Flaubert, Guy de Maupassant, Anton Chekov, Herman Melville and James Joyce in fiction and Charles Baudelaire, Arthur Rimbaud, Robert Browning, Jean Cocteau, Jack Spicer and others in poetry.  Nothing of significance in his life except curiosity about 'everything' and access to it--as should be the case for everyone. If any more need be said, edit your reading experience and listen to more Berg and Ives. Stop watching, agitate, live more. Time's near up.

Will Schmitz is a graduate of The University of Hawaii and the author of
Bots, Come!, a full volume of short stories slated for publication November 2015 (PageBacon).

Author of Bots, Come!, Planets Above & Below, The Violet Catastrophe, and You, in Calamity's Kingdom.
Author of the short stories,
Department Store Run & Makin' Love to That Electric Eel.

L.B. Sisk

Works as a Director of Marketing for a robotics company, which supplies analytical systems for clients in medical, environmental and government laboratories. Sure, you'd think developing marketing collateral for sophisticated robots would be fun; however, when they're boring and benefit Humanity ... Blah. Blah. Blah. Therefore, by night, he aspires to share his twisted imagination with like-minded folk. He lives in the Portland, Oregon, which, according to some vagabond he met in Barstow, CA, is a beautiful, fantasyland of unlimited strip clubs and craft breweries. What more could you ask for?

Author of Panteria Chronicles: Fallen.

Jeffrey Van Tuyl

Screenwriter and author of the short story, Fast.

Eric Zipper

A writer and comedian residing in Portland, OR.  He has been published in Straylight, Extract(s), and Gravel, among others, and does improv with Comedysportz Portland.  He's already heard any joke you want to make about his last name, and can be followed on Twitter @ggrogishere.

Author of the short story, The Bottom of the Bucket

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