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Design Services


We specialize in creating attention-grabbing book covers for the independent author who wants to stand out in a crowded field.


BONUS - All books designed by us are eligible to be posted on the PageBacon.com homepage for one full month for free (or longer for an additional monthly fee of $50).  This will include a cover image, synopsis of your book, your ISBN number, and a direct link to your website or on-line sales page. We will also post a "boosted" advertisement for your book on our FaceBook page to reach a  targeted audience estimated in the thousands.


Payment for design services will be made using the PayPal system - it's secure and easy to use.

Book Covers - $300 / Adding a hardcover book jacket +$200


It's a sad fact of publishing that books are, indeed, judged by their covers.  We'll design a professional book cover with front/spine/back to meet your needs and stand out in a very crowded field. 


Your book cover will be a one-of-a-kind. At PageBacon we rely on original photography, illustration and 3D modeling, and we put them all together to give you something unique--not chosen from a library of stock images.  If you own images that need to be on the cover (like a self-portrait for your autobiography!) we will incorporate that and make it memorable.


We will also provide you with a high-resolution image file of your front cover to use for advertisements, e-book purposes, author pages, etc.


We don't have an assembly line of designers, so timeframes may vary depending on our availability.  Generally, we can have a cover design ready for your approval within 5 business days.


Please note: You must provide a valid ISBN. If you do not have a valid ISBN we require a deposit of $100 (via PayPal) after you complete the request form.





   SAMPLE BOOK COVERS - Click to view FULL design - Back / Spine / Front  




Book Covers (e-book Only)- $200


It's just as true that electronic books are judged by their "covers"--maybe even more so than with print books.  As a matter of fact, since the interior design options for an electronic book are far more limited and generic, it is all the more important to have a cover that stands out  from the rest.


Since e-books do not include a back cover, we will focus on creating an attention-stealing electronic "front" cover that looks great even when viewed as a small image (as displayed on most on-line retailer websites).  People don't have the chance to handle a hard-copy version of an e-book, so making it stand out on the screen is essential.


NOTE: If you purchase a cover design service for print you will already be given an e-book design at no additional cost.  There is no need to purchase both separately.





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