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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What kind of work can I submit to PageBacon for the initial project, The Infinite Spectacle?

A: Our first project, The Infinite Spectacle, will focus on speculative fiction, science fiction, and stories that have a particularly unusual bent.  Your story doesn't need to fit neatly into any category, but it should have a smell of  the unknown.


We reserve the right to reject any submissions, including, but not limited to, works that are determined to purposefully espouse or incite crimes of hate or grievous sexual violence and other works we find to be overtly offensive without purpose. If youíre looking to start a race-riot, you can go elsewhere.


Q: Will I get paid if my work is published by PageBacon?

A: Payment to the contributing writers is based on the net revenue from sales. 


If net sales of the publication generate more than $100, the additional profit will be divided amongst the contributing writers based on the word count of each story, with a maximum payout of $500 per story. 


PageBacon will only keep the initial $100 to cover the cost of generating a universal barcode to be used for book sales, as charged by CreateSpace.  Otherwise, the tiny staff at PageBacon are volunteers and will not benefit financially from sales unless they have submitted works which have been published, to be treated as any other contributing writer.



Q: How do I get paid?
A: Payments will be made using PayPal on a quarterly timeframe.  This option is secure, reliable and fast.  This will require that recipients have an existing PayPal account or open one for free.  For questions regarding the PayPal system, please refer to their website.


A quarterly report of the  project earnings will be sent to the contributing writers.  Payment, if any, will be based on the net sales for that specific project, with a maximum payout of $500 per story.  Payments, if any, will be made at approximately the same week which the quarterly reports are sent out. 


Example: If the publication is 50,000 words (only counting the actual story content), and you had contributed a 5000 word story, then you would get 10% of the net earnings for the quarter.  A quarter which nets $1000 in sales, gives you $100 (given the example).  There may be circumstances (such as the initial cost for us to generate a universal barcode) where a small cut will be used for development costs.  In which case, you will be informed.  For the most part, all revenue is divided between the contributing writers. 


If you do not have or want to open a free PayPal account to receive payments, please contact us prior to publication.


Q: Will the pork-butts at PageBacon edit or re-write my writing before posting it?

A: For free? Are you kidding me?  We're volunteers.


Although we will review each submission prior to publication, editing will be limited to the correction of obvious clerical errors and general formatting for overall consistency.  The prospect of eternal fame or the burden of shameful disgrace is completely in your hands!  "Fiction in the Raw" is our motto.

Q: Can I submit work that has been submitted to other publications?
A: As the author of a story, you are responsible for determining if your story is bound by law to any other publication(s) or individual(s).


We will not publish anything that is known to us to be owned in part or whole by another publication or individual(s).  We will respect the conditions of other publications which may have policies regarding simultaneous publication or postings, or that lay claim to legal rights regarding your specific work. It is the responsibility of the submitter to understand and adhere to the conditions and policies of any organization that has accepted their work. Work submitted to PageBacon for posting cannot be legally bound, in part or in whole, by any party other than the submitter.

If you created a work with the aid of another, you should consult them before submitting the work to PageBacon and get their full consent. PageBacon assumes that all work submitted for posting is free of legal obligation and owned in full by the submitter.

Q: That sounds awful! What are you talking about?
A: Donít submit stuff that you donít have 100% rights to.

Q: Can I remove my work from publication?
A: Yes, as long as the project has not been published.  If you want to remove your work from publication just send us an email from the address that you had supplied on the submission form (or include that email address in your email body) along with the document title, your name and a quick and dirty request for removal.


If the volume has already been published and you wish to remove your work, we will remove it from future publication, but cannot recall work already published.

Q: How much does it cost to submit my work to PageBacon?
A: Nothing. No money. No advertisements. No spam.

Q: Do I retain full ownership of the work I submit to PageBacon?
A: Yes. PageBacon does not claim any rights to your work. We do not put external limitations on your work.  We will not use your work for anything other than the publication it was submitted for, unless you give us your permission in writing.


However, if your work is selected for publication we may use excerpts of your submission in advertising or media to promote the volume in which it represents.


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