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Archived Featured Short Stories

Featured Short Story - August 2017...



By Will Schmitz


Featured Short Story - June2016...
  I Quit My Career and Moved Into An Econoline (A Motorcycle Memoir)
By Kyra Sacdalan

Leave it all behind to live in a van and ride motorcycles? Who wouldn't?



Featured Short Story - May 2016...

  Wandering Son
By Oliver Wraught

Traveling alone through Oregon can be serene, uplifting, enlightening ... and maybe a little bit frightening.



Featured Short Story - April 2016...

  Best Intentions

By Gennady Favel

Hundreds of years after disease is rendered inconsequential, scientists grapple with the conundrum of creating living space in a world where lower mortality leads, inevitably, to an exponential growth in population.



Featured Short Story - March 2016...


By Tracy Biggerstaff

A curious traveler crosses the border of time and consciousness to uncover the truth about her family.




Featured Short Story - February 2016

by Alex Vigue

Hope is found even as a great city in the sky is devastated by change.


Featured Short Story - January 20165

  Babe in the Woods

by Varya Kartishai

Life in a technological society challenges a young woman to seek the aid of a recluse with the traditional ethos to usher in an unexpected arrival.




Featured Short Story - December 2015
  I Will Wait for Your Return

by Jeremiah Edward Hobbs

Even in the vastness of space, you are never quite alone.


Featured Short Story
- November 2015...

  Identity Crisis

by Jack D. Zeidman

What do you get when scientists graft the genes of flora with fauna? You'd better ask the trees, because the rabbits aren't talking.


Featured Short Story - October 2015...

    Dead Leaves

by Varya Kartishai

Her response to a classified ad turns a young woman's hopes into a demanding job with horrifying consequences.


Featured Short Story
- September 2015


by Rodney Loy

Private Investigator, Robert Smelling, discovers there is nothing routine about the theft of super-computers on the brink of A.I.



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